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A Lodestar is a “guiding light” that serves as an inspiration, model or guide.

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Interim Management

Interim  Managers are expert and seasoned senior executives suitably qualified for the role by virtue of experience, skills and qualifications. Many of our executives have worked together before so can work as a cohesive and effective force from day one.

Interim Executives are often parachuted into an organisation to fill a gap in the management or to provide a specific set of skills not available within the Company. It also gives companies the opportunity to bring in expertise from outside the industry without making a huge commitment to external consultants, sub contractors or incurring the burden of employing staff.

LODESTAR Special Projects are “hands on” managers, that actually take an executive or project role within the company, although in reality often act as mentor or support the current management during major upheaval, transition or change.  There can be many opportunities to use interims and the greatest benefits are obtained when companies recognise the need early and act quickly to address the requirements within their organisations. The earlier an interim  is appointed the more impact they are able to make.

Many companies also use interims for crisis management such as turnarounds and restructuring exercises as well as to undertake specific projects. It may be there is a shortage of suitably qualified resources to undertake a due diligence exercise or even the integration  or start up of a business.

Some of the other reasons to use an Interim would be to cover an absent manager through illness, maternity leave, jury duty or secondment. In addition, they might be a useful resource and expertise to cover such areas as acquisition, integration or just to introduce new ideas into an organisation that may be losing its competitive edge.

Hiring an Interim is a cost effective and immediate way of obtaining senior expertise without all the hassle and cost of employment. The resource is available when you want it and for as long as you want it. It is a known cost and avoids the costs and commitment associated with providing a pension, employers NI, company car, sickness, holidays, training etc.  

Our preferred method of  selecting candidates for an assignment is by matching experience of those we have worked with in the past and their immediate recommendations before opening up the search through other channels.  We do pride ourselves  in recognising the benefits from providing moral and technical support to our interims and  mentoring to them and management during the course of assignments.

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Hire an Interim today and be prepared for tomorrow! Be proactive rather than reactive!

The LODESTAR Special Projects Directors have worked as Interim  Managers and extensively with fellow interims over the last 15 years; as well as acted as the Client in many cases, so we really do understand your needs and the importance of the relationship between the Client and the Interim. It is this continuing hands-on experience that gives us the ability to ensure the Interim is working for you.

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