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A Lodestar is a “guiding light” that serves as an inspiration, model or guide.

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That’s easy to say but a very time consuming and demanding task to actually make happen. Just consider the pressures from  ever changing economic, market, social and political factors. As a result, businesses must continuously evolve and review every aspect of their operations to ensure survival and growth.

That’s why it is critical to ensure your business has a robust, flexible and sound strategy for the future, that will allow the organisation to build on achievements to date and adapt to meet the challenges ahead.

Can we help?

Well, yes we can. LODESTAR Special Projects can create a vision for the future and provide the experience and focus to ensure your business plan can be achieved. We provide interim management to enhance your current operations and ensure they are up to date to reflect the culture of the business and improve its image with customers, employees, suppliers and investors, The vision must be to ensure the long term future of the business by being the most respected in your field and the supplier of choice that is supported by a motivated and proud workforce. We can also look at innovative ways to complement these resources with outside help to expedite processes and achieve the objectives, The management and staff will then be able to to concentrate on tasks they are best suited to allowing them to be significantly more productive and effective.

Do you need change?

Inevitably, but it’s not all about change management. Our primary services are general management, finance, IT and marketing with experience of major restructuring, turnarounds and project recovery. We have considerable experience of all these discipline and offer a totally flexible and comprehensive service to all our clients. Our process is designed to form a partnership with you, we listen to your needs and objectives and evaluate the best way to achieve them. After that, how much we do  and how we work is up to you, we concentrate on the task in hand, quality of service and, above all get the job done!

All businesses these days face a formidable array of challenges  that can strike with devastating speed at any time, All organisations must get their proposition right and deliver it better than the competition. Established companies need to innovate and change in every area of their business to retain and gain market share.

CREATING VALUE Fulfilled employees  Satisfied customers  Supportive suppliers  Contented stakeholders

We offer a comprehensive service with our expertise, buying in resources when needed and continually monitoring performance of our interims and progress of the company towards its objectives.

Our core expertise is General Management and Finance managing tough situations leading to revitalising under - performing elements of the business, recovery and turnaround.

However, we can also bring together expertise in many other disciplines such as HR, Marketing, Sales and Supply Chain Management.

Where possible we adopt a specific methodology to our assignments that ensure we gain a thorough understanding of the business and your situation before agreeing a course of action and managing the process of change.

How will we do it?

We will challenge the status quo and overcome barriers to change by finding new and innovative solutions to revitalize under performing companies, management, and staff, as well as improve processes and procedures.

In short, we can inject new purpose and vigour into your business.

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