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2017 BREXIT fears continue to unsettle the economy and business!

Polling Day

Close call may prompt reaction from voters to secure a clear result!

Common Sense prevails!

As predicted here Conservatives have a majority, sufficient to form a Government!

However, some concerns remain such as the possible disruption from the number of SNP MP’s that could disrupt the Union! As predicted the pollsters may well have influenced the result.

Interestingly, SNP won 56 seats with 1.5m votes yet UKIP won only one seat with 4 million votes!

Good news for business , the economy and the people of the UK! Bad news for Scotland as this may prompt chaos and cost for us all as they attempt to control their own destiny and assert undue influence over the rest of the UK.

Recent news that household debt has reached an all time high.debt l

Teresa May is holding off Article 50

How this is going to work ? Will it encourage more refugees and place more pressure on the EU to take even more! The EU is a target so how safe will refugee camps be?

As suggested here last month this should be the UN responsibility as this is a humanitarian crisis! If the EU can do it why not the UN?

UN member states take military action with UN acceptance so why does the UN exclude conflict zones?

Huge displacements of refugees is now a global problem with no sustainable solution!  

2016 was dominated by all the misleading hype leading to the referendum vote on 23rd June followed by the surprise result that the Country was leaving the EU. Then David Cameron resigned and Teresa May became Prime Minister. The pound plummeted and has remained at its reduced level since. Despite all the doom and gloom predictions the economy has prospered - how could business have planned for this?

Then to cap it all there was the surprise victory for Donald Trump in the US elections. His policies and style of leadership have caused consternation around the world and we await his inauguration next year to see how markets react to his policies.

However, the value of the pound has benefited exporters, those businesses that rely upon imports have suffered and are attempting to pass on costs to consumers to protect their margins. As a result the country is experiencing inflationary pressures   is has resulted in inflationary the BOE kept interest rates

There The Olympics and Paralympics during the year provided a welcome boost for the Country

This level of uncertainty and stability in the

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Just what is going on?

Government continue to be unclear as to when Article 50 will be served and are silent on making any announcements about the form of negotiations with the EU.

It either means they have little idea of their future plans or are deliberating on a cohesive strategy before letting the Country know of their plans.

We hear snippets of information about potential trade deals with Canada, Autralia and India, as well as a “deal” with Nissan, that does not fill business with confidence  and  

Article 50 Challenge

The recent challenge in the High Court has only added to the confusion surrounding the timing and tInstability in the World economy  is causing uncertainty  and chaos in markets