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A Lodestar is a “guiding light” that serves as an inspiration, model or guide.

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Our business is based on working with senior management to help them realise their full potential for both themselves and the benefit of the company.

We now live in a fast moving and unpredictable world, where the economic, market and political environments are constantly changing, making it difficult for executives to concentrate on running the business.

We help executives overcome barriers by providing the necessary resources and personal assistance, thus leaving them free to do what they are employed for.

We offer a comprehensive service with our expertise, buying in resources when needed and continually monitoring performance of our interims and progress of the company towards its objectives.

Our core expertise is General Management, Marketing and  Finance, managing tough situations leading to revitalising under - performing elements of the business, recovery and turnaround.

However, we can also bring together expertise in many other disciplines and specialist managers to work with our team towards the common goals.

Where possible we adopt a specific methodology to our assignments that ensure we gain a thorough understanding of the business and your situation before agreeing a course of action and managing the process of change.




Managing Transition

Acquisition Integration

Managing and Accelerating Change

Building Balanced Management Teams

Investor Relationship Management

Executive Mentoring

Investors may be interested in our business review and monitoring service, where we act as an independent intermediary between you and the Board. This allows both parties to benefit from impartial advice and a frank exchange of views. INVESTORS INTERNAL MARKETING Together Everyone Achieves More With Order Responsibility and Knowledge Management Support Management Good Practice Mentoring Leadership Financial Wizardry Imagination to Reality Innovation and Ideas Internal Marketing Investor Relations Management Support