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A Lodestar is a “guiding light” that serves as an inspiration, model or guide.

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Ideas and Innovation are critical to both the survival and growth of a successful business and differentiate it from its competitors.

Our experience of organisations is their lack of recognition for ideas that can really transform the fortunes of a business.

Both ideas and innovation must be enshrined in the culture of the business and all stakeholders should be encouraged and rewarded as they contribute to the successful introduction of great ideas that add value to the organisation.

It is the job of the CEO to set the parameters for strategy and direction with the Board and he must lead the search for innovative  and creative ideas that will make a significant difference.

LODESTAR Special Projects have the ability to recognise and channel great ideas that will benefit the organisation and particularly all stakeholders. We work with all levels of an organisation and with outside parties to develop and turn ideas into legitimate and beneficial strategies that deliver real results.


Imagination to reality - seems a really spurious idea and is it really going to happen?

It is refreshing to find that brilliant ideas come out of imagination and most people have an abundance of both. What is difficult is fostering a culture where imagination is encouraged and then harvesting the resultant ideas. It is then a case of sifting through the ideas to identify those that may be valuable to the organisation.

Everyone likes to be asked for advice and willingly volunteer their ideas; what is missing is the ability to channel these ideas into innovative actions that will provide real benefits.

The key to this process is encouraging stakeholders to come forward with their ideas then empowering them with the means to develop these ideas into viable actions that will have a beneficial effect on the organisation.

Ideas do not have to be original, but must be of value either financial or otherwise and could include more effective and efficient processes and procedures or even have a beneficial environmental impact. Although it is widely acknowledged that imitation is the best form of flattery; the only caveat would be to avoid plagiarism and copyrighted ideas. Beyond that the sky is the limit! Or is it?

It does not matter how outrageous ideas can be, they very often spark the imagination that results in innovative and practical solutions.

LODESTAR Special Projects can act as futurists and visionaries leading the organisation into the future and motivating the workforce to make sure all stakeholders are committed to success. We can help develop new technologies and innovative ideas that change the industry and secure the successful future of the organisation.



Our Special Projects have a lot of fun with this side of business planning but there is a very serious side to the development of ideas from imagination and creating innovative processes and strategies for the future.

LODESTAR Special Projects use maieutics to extract and and develop ideas from within the management and workforce before processing them and building them into viable proposals that can be implemented.

This is more commonly undertaken in group sessions with limited success but at LODESTAR Special Projects our approach results in more productive and useful ideas with a greater chance of becoming a reality.

We like to work closely with senior management to develop a corporate culture that promotes the cultivation of ideas and reflects the ideals of the organisation, where all stakeholders contribute to and feel part of a progressive and successful organisation that value their contribution.   

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