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A Lodestar is a “guiding light” that serves as an inspiration, model or guide.

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What we do

We act as Performance and Recovery agents, revitalising under performing organisations.  

Many  organisations thrive on “Organised Chaos” that is often characterised by management and staff being unclear about the strategy and direction of the business. We challenge the status quo and work with management towards a consistent  and measured response.

We provide experienced interim executives from our select bank of talent and our principals manage the process refining strategic performance in accordance with management and the changing market and  economic conditions.

Our principals and associates have many years experience working as interims in a wide range of industries and public sector organisations covering almost all management disciplines.

Our approach is to undertake some financial engineering to stabilise the financial situation and establish the parameters for establishing the interdependencies with the other fundamental disciplines within the organisation. Our expertise across all disciplines gives us the credibility and gravitas to foster a culture of collective responsibility in the process.

All organisations are financially driven, mostly  for the benefit of profit and value, although we do not ignore the other corporate disciplines that give a business a balanced range of skills and expertise to exploit potential opportunities.

Whilst we concentrate on drivers of business profitability to revitalise businesses, our emphasis is working to develop a culture that reflects the nature of the business, encompasses the aspirations of stakeholders and allows the introduction of  new and innovative ideas that add value to the organisation.

Most of our work is based upon ensuring Finance is accessible to the whole business and is regarded as an integral part of the business with a pivotal role to play in ensuring the interdependence between disciplines.. For this reason we prefer to work with executives with a multi discipline background.

All our work is geared to securing the future!

How we work

Many management teams remain mesmerised by the macro nature of current events rendering their ability to respond as ineffective and often too late.

Organisations are consistently poor and slow to react to changing circumstances and often introduce change to counter  an immediate threat  to their business.

The past cannot be changed and is certainly no indicator of the future. If the past is not working now then it is unlikely to be any better in the future,

For any organisation to be successful change is inevitable  and it must evolve in anticipation of future events.

Part of that change is the careful and considered introduction of new ideas and innovative practices and this is where LODESTAR Special Projects can really help.

We always think of innovation in respect of products or services but management must also learn to be innovative in the way their organisation does business and interacts with stakeholders, in particular, their employees and customers.

Potential threats must be identified before they arise and businesses should anticipate their response in order to reduce the impact  to the business. Anticipating the danger from potential threats allow management  to take remedial action, reducing or eliminating the threat  and allowing them to create an environment  to take advantage of the turning the threat into a potential opportunity.

Every business has its own unique combination of circumstances and the answers are hidden within the organisation.

We find the key to the solutions and work closely with management and all stakeholders to produce the formula that unlocks potential opportunities for the future.   

What we do