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A Lodestar is a “guiding light” that serves as an inspiration, model or guide.

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A lot of theories abound about the qualities required for Leadership and how do organisations spot them and nurture them to their advantage, without losing them.

There are many interesting ideas that have no scientific basis, such as being the first born, date of birthday or having a long second toe!!  One of our partners secured a senior role based on an analysis of their handwriting!

The truth is leaders tend to stand out and emerge by virtue of experience and have well defined characteristics, such as charisma, confidence and authority.

We do not believe true leadership can be taught, however, leadership skills can be enhanced by training, mentoring and on the job experience. Having an intimate knowledge of the organisation and its personnel are certainly vital tools in the armoury of leaders.

The best leaders command respect and people follow their lead, they have vision and must be innovative, as well as being able to motivate their people. There are many examples of leaders throughout history and many have traits that are no longer appropriate in current corporate cultures.

Interestingly true leaders are often poor managers, however, good managers can become good leaders.

Here at LODESTAR Special Projects we help leaders realise their true potential and have associates that specialise in support leadership initiatives.


Leadership must encompass a multitude of skills and leaders need a broad understanding of a wide range of disciplines, as well as an excellent grasp of the organisation and what makes it so special.

In order to succeed as a leader we believe there are a number of traits that are vital for leaders to demonstrate:

With these core traits will come gravitas that will command respect and encourage people to follow and support the lead.

True leaders set the standards that determine the culture of an organisation and its ability to motivate its staff and influence its destiny.