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A Lodestar is a “guiding light” that serves as an inspiration, model or guide.

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With the need to meet the increasing challenges of the future we provide Interim Management Services to help organisations face the future and overcome barriers to to growth and help them realise recovery strategies in preparation exploit opportunities .

Interim Managers are seasoned professional executives that fill resource gaps in an organisation’s management team at the most senior level. They typically fulfil an executive role for a period to fulfil a particular project or whilst a permanent executive is found and will ultimately leave the organisation in a better state and in capable hands.

Interim Executive recognise organisations must continuously evolve through consistent change, fine tuning their response to external forces in markets, economies and regulation. They have experience of managing in these environments and being able to cut through barriers to change and remain aloof from corporate political pressures.

Typically interim executives act at Director level and are represented on the Board if they are to be effective, and will take on roles such as CEO and CFO and other disciplines.

More recently interims are used as a support function in more specialist roles such as CPO (Chief Performance Officer), CRO ( Chief Restructuring/Recovery Officer), Change Director and Strategy Director.

Today’s crisis led environment is ideally suited to the employment of interim executives as they can bring much needed experience to the situation by injecting new vigour and purpose into organisations in a state of hubris, overcoming complacency and inertia.

Interim management forms the backbone of the work we do and reflects the type of executive that the current economic climate needs to ensure they overcome the current difficulties and emerge in a stronger position to face the future with greater certainty.

Boards need to develop increasingly excellent links with their investors and their senior management  and then down to key personnel within the organisation so that information flows freely up and down the chain. Only developing a culture of co-operation and collective responsibility can an organisation function properly and face the future with impunity and confidence.

Here at LODESTAR Special Projects  we can advise the organisation on its future as well as implement solid strategies through the provision of Interim Management Services.

Interim Executive vs Consultancy

The two roles are distinctly different  and are summarised below:

Interim executives are hands-on managers taking on an executive or non executive role, taking on the responsibility of office and work with the management team in the business, bringing their expertise and experience to implement strategy, often in support of external consultants. Interims are independent and also able to act in an advisory capacity.

Consultants are external independent advisors that bring their specialist knowledge and methods to providing advice to management, expecting the company to take the advice and provide the resources for implementation. Increasingly consultants continue to provide advisory support during implementation.


Interim Management