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A Lodestar is a “guiding light” that serves as an inspiration, model or guide.

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Financial Health

Whilst the financial health of a business may require major attention, the underlying problems can be more deeply rooted in other areas of the business that are in denial. Finance departments are often culpable, through lack of resources, skills and inability to communicate clearly, but all stakeholders have a collective responsibility to ensure proper and equitable governance.

Early recognition of the problem is vital and this MUST be followed by swift and decisive action, supported by all stakeholders.

In this current climate of extremes in economic, market and trading conditions, uncertainty can lead to panic and reactive measures that only exacerbate the situation. A carefully considered plan is essential to ensure an orderly and cohesive response supported by all stakeholders.

LODESTAR Special Projects adopt a three point recovery and restructuring process

  1. Stabilise the situation
  2. Secure the position
  3. Prepare for the future

Complacency and Employee Value

Employees are your most valuable asset and will recognise the signs of trouble early on and will feed the rumour machine throughout the organisation. News filters quickly to the outside world and will be picked up by customers, suppliers and the media.

Brands, reputations, trust and loyalty can quickly evaporate within the business.  One of the biggest dangers facing businesses is complacency and the fear that action may expose weaknesses, attach blame and jeopardise jobs. These issues must be recognised early, addressed and overcome.

Turnarounds and Recovery

Turnarounds and recovery are, not surprisingly, associated with financial problems caused by cashflow and financing crises and are generally symptomatic of over optimism, over gearing or poor management information.

In many cases the states of hubris and complacency have taken hold, paralysing the organisation, with the management often unaware of the problem and even less idea of how to overcome the problem.

Each turnaround situation is unique and requires the turnaround professional to use his expertise to tailor the solution to suit the specific circumstances that work with all the stakeholders.

LODESTAR Special Projects can guide you through the turnaround process with our ability at financial engineering coupled with extensive knowledge and direct experience of other business disciplines. Turnarounds are not just about finance but how the business pulls all its resources and assets together to achieve successful results. It requires commitment and support from all stakeholders to succeed.

Often the situation demands more drastic action and then the recovery becomes a major restructuring exercise.


is of the essence!!

Programme of Recovery

LODESTAR Special Projects can provide specialist executives to review your business and develop a programme to address the fundamental issues facing your business.

Our role is to develop and manage a turnaround programme to protect the company from the over burden of crisis management and foster a culture of support, trust, co-operation and communication.

We help the company overcome restrictive barriers and encourage management and staff to concentrate on what they do best - their jobs!