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A Lodestar is a “guiding light” that serves as an inspiration, model or guide.

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Our experience and involvement at the highest level within organisations has led us to recognise the need for special projects that may not to fit into any particular category, or are beyond the capability of resources currently available.

These projects often fall to existing departments, that are already under pressure, and cannot afford to have staff seconded away onto other projects without compromising their own performance.

However, organisations must build structures that provide flexibility and diversity of skills if they are to remain competitive and survive in such a challenging economic and financial environment.

Many organisations remain complacent about their ability to ride the storm and soldier on as resources become scarce, then find themselves incapable of effecting any sort of change to improve the situation.

This is where Lodestar can help organisations manage their resources more effectively as well as managing specialist contractors. We work with senior executives in their capacity as sponsors to ensure projects are delivering the stated benefits.

Talk with us so we can work out a programme that fits the corporate strategy for the future.



LODESTAR Special Projects Limited

Many of our assignments have included special events where we have had to reassign resources or manage outside consultants. Our experience as senior interims has prompted us to set up Lodestar Special Projects to help organisations manage these vital projects.

Time and resources are our most valuable assets and we understand the pressures organisations are under to deliver ad hoc events demanded by management.

Many careers hinge on the success of events to produce their expected value to the organisation and actually deliver the desired result. Our aim is to ensure the resources and calibre of interims, contractors exceed expectations and deliver projects that really make a difference on time and within budget.

We also lead your key employees through a successful event or project so they can own the result and ensure continuing commitment to the ongoing benefits achieved.

In many respects our role is to act as facilitators and lead organisations through the process.

We find specialist interims and contractors that can deliver special events and manage corporate relationships and expectations with senior management to ensure “sponsors” are kept informed and continue to prioritise and support the project.


Special Projects