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A Lodestar is a “guiding light” that serves as an inspiration, model or guide.

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Our business is the support of organisations and management, facilitating the implementation of ideas and consultancy advice through active participation and leadership.

We pride ourselves on being able to identify Creative Ideas to facilitate change programmes that actually deliver the benefits envisaged and with the minimum disruption and damage to the business.

Our principals have significant experience of implementing initiatives and enhancing the benefits derived from change as it evolves and develops during the process. We cover a wide range of business activities and are well placed to find special expertise and manage the process for clients.

Many programmes of change are unique to the organisation and must be tailored to meet both the specified objectives and overcome the barriers to change. This is an unfamiliar process for many, leaving them uncertain about their future and must be handled in a sensitive and methodical manner with their tacit support and co-operation.

At LODESTAR Special Projects  we like to be creative with our ideas and pass these onto our clients and this extends to Special Events.

Whilst we appreciate the current climate is such that discretionary spending is discouraged, there are areas of  the business where there are good commercial and motivational reasons for special events to be organised.

These range from marketing and sales activities through to internal marketing and motivational and reward functions

Whatever the occasion Lodestar can guide you through the whole process and organise events on your behalf.

Talk to us about your requirements and we shall be delighted to create a special occasion and come up with some ideas.


Money Laundering has always been an offence but the Money Laundering Act 2007 has continued to enshrine the legislation into formal Laws.

Whilst the Law identifies certain professions as being more susceptible to money laundering and are required to register their business, all professions have a duty to report acts of laundering to the Authorities.

LODESTAR Special Projects can help organisations identify possible acts of laundering and assist in investigating cases, as well as supporting management in dealing with the resulting fallout from such an event.

Many of our associates have tremendous experience across a broad range of skills and are only too willing to share their knowledge and expertise to add value to both your staff and management to benefit your organisation.

LODESTAR Special Projects can help tailor your training and coaching to meet the needs of management and the organisation.

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