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A Lodestar is a “guiding light” that serves as an inspiration, model or guide.

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The mentoring of senior management is a crucial discipline that is vital to the continuing performance of senior managers,as they can often be isolated from the realities of business life. It can be a lonely discipline with extreme pressure to deliver results on a regular basis and there are very few people to turn to for support and advice.

Just as management place great emphasis on training for their employees the Board should extend the same level of support to their senior management. In reality senior managers do find some support from their peers, business and private acquaintances as well as attending seminars to keep them up to date. However, there is no substitute for an independent external mentor.

Just as businesses need a constant flow of innovative ideas in order to face the future with a full arsenal of tools and products/services, they need the ability to convert their vision and imagination into real benefits. Have the confidence to explore your imagination and that of your greatest resource - your staff, peers and advisors. You will be surprised what gems of wisdom come form the most unlikely sources. Just by giving staff the opportunity to take an hour or two a week to consider their contribution to the success of the business will pay dividends. Just make sure you have the means to capture their suggestions and and the ability to explore the possibilities.

Collective responsibility is key to good management practice and building a balanced Board is essential if they are to function as a team in the best interests of the organisation.

Morals, trust and confidence are all associated with management good practice.

Vision, man management and a clear idea of direction are vital for leadership. Respect and gravitas are also key elements for successful leadership. LODESTAR Special Projects approach leadership in organisations by setting an example.

Financial wizardry is often how senior managers view finance, particularly, as they frequently do not understand or accept what the figures are telling them. Very often this is down to the Finance Department producing figures without due regard for how they will be interpreted by those using them in the business. Both Finance and senior management need to get together and gain a working relationship that promotes good understanding and a relationship of trust and cooperation.

Innovation and ideas that are converted into useful and valuable opportunities differentiate successful companies from mediocre ones. Management must create a culture where both innovation and ideas are encouraged. So many opportunities are missed through the  We aim to facilitate the flourishing of innovation and ideas across all aspects of the business to create value for the future and significantly improved performance across all disciplines.

People in your organisation are your greatest asset and it is they who will execute strategy, create the culture and drive continuous change within the organisation. Clear direction and competent management together with recognition of their contribution are vital to achieving a balanced and cooperative workforce. Demonstrating commitment to stakeholders by investment in training and promoting delegated responsibility enhance their esteem.

Our work with management is often unseen, however, it does improve performance and productivity allowing management to be more confident and relaxed allowing them to concentrate on the true issues facing them and the organisation, freeing up management time to use their expertise and do their jobs.



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